Research Interests

During the last six years, my research effort focused on understanding Software Composition. I obtained results dedicated to software composition by itself, as well as results associated with the introduction of software composition mechanisms to dedicated application domains: cyber-physical systems and service-oriented architectures.

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Model-driven Engineering and Software Composition

My research interests focus on Scalable Software Composition, using a model-driven approach to define composition operators and help software engineers while they have to design some new operators. This approach was successfully applied to heterogeneous domains such as micro-services deployment, graph databases, data collection policies and visualization dashboards.

Cyber-physical Systems

This class of systems is interesting with respect to model-driven engineering and software composition due to their constrained essence. In this domain, I focused my effort in the definition of model-based composition operators dedicated to data collection policies and large scale sensor networks. This research is made in collaboration with researchers from other domains (e.g., geosciences) to experiment with real use cases.

Service-oriented Architectures

My PhD thesis focused on a model-based approach dedicated to tame the design complexity associated to business processes modeling in Service-oriented Architectures. I applied this approach to quality of service modelling and cloud-computing deployment.